On Narcissism: Help me to shift-d myself!

Hi! I am currently seeking for constructive critique concerning that model of mine, in which I have already spent unreasonable much time and afford. I am especially interested in how I might be able to improve the lighting and maybe some hints on how I could further improve the skin.

The following image took 22 minutes to render with 1024 AA samples:

Hi sku1d!

Your model is very good, great hair work!
Some thing you can do on your light setup is:

  1. Set one diffuse light in a model side
  2. In opposite side of light, use an plane object to reflect the light

This is a basic setup light to mark better the face shadows, and make it soft too

You are right. There ain’t enough shadows in the image! I already had a 3 point lighting set up, which I now tried to optimize: I added constraints, so that the emitting planes are perfectly aligned with the face and after several try and error I came along with this new version:

I have reduced the size of the rim light plane. that might be a mistake as I don’t like the hair as much as before. But the light coming from there was reflected on the walls and had brightened the whole image.

The current setup looks like this:

Great job on the model in general. The area around the eyes is notoriously difficult, it’s so central to how we as humans recognize each other that any tiny detail really sets the rest of it off. I noticed that:

  1. your glasses cast no shadow and have no feet that touch your nose. do they just rest on your nose without feet?

  2. The area around the eye lid/eye ball is suspiciously bright, which is fine for cartoon work but can set off the uncanny valley in realistic work.