On/Off switch for rotation

Hi I’ve made this thing

The goal is to make two controllers (sliders)
One would upon hitting ‘play’

enable and disable the start of rotation
and the other would govern it’s speed/acceleration

How to accomplish this?


The general technology in Blender is called: “Drivers.” And it basically means defining a link between the value of some (“driving …”) parameter (such as the X-axis location of a switch …) to a change the value of some other (“driven …”) parameter someplace else. The aforementioned page contains both excellent information and relevant links.

Drivers, for the most part, will allow you to typically bypass the other, more intricate (but more powerful) way to do this sort of thing: Python scripting.

Thanks clockmender for all the information. It is much appreciated.
The last one where rotation is influenced by location can be handled by a transform constraint likewise

sundialsvc4 I’m somewhat familiar with the rudiments. Not many of it’s possible applications.

The one that also works is to attach a rigid body motor constraint to a mesh object. Then animate it’s value. Not ideal I imagine.http://www.pasteall.org/pic/89392