On-Screen Keyboard

Okay, so I spend a lot of time on the road (Not Driving), and I want to work on my art while I’m riding. I have a drawing tablet, pen, and a laptop… However, I have VERY limited space; literally just my lap. My drawing tablet is about the size of my laptop. I planned to just shut my laptop and use my drawing tablet for everything.

MY PROBLEM: Blender is wildly useless without a keyboard… which is the only missing piece.

My Question: Does anyone have a solution to my keyboard problem? If there’s an add-on or a setting that has an onboard keyboard or something, that would be welcome.

The windows on-board keyboard doesn’t work with my drawing pen and blender.

My suggestion would have been the Windows on-screen keyboard, but if that doesn’t work… maybe something like this would fit in the limited space?


Your best option is to probably change plans, and use the laptop instead with a $10 mouse. Doesn’t your laptop have a built in keyboard?

You could also try a shortcut-remote…x-pen makes one that is small and programmable to fit all the most common Blender Key-strokes…

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