(Idgas) #1

OK tell me what you think. Should i put something in the backround, change the angle, add more light, etc…


(CharlieB) #2

Ah, Very Nice! :smiley:
But, the only thing I can tell would be something in the backgroundis needed. Nothing major, maybe some fog or whatever. just something to let us know that there isnt a black hole behind him.

However I especially like the camera angle and the lighting.

Edit -
Also, I just noticed that the texture on the right wall seems to look weird compared to the others. Maybe because of the light in relation to the camera angle?

Nice work!

(Idgas) #3

Yea i did add some mist but i think i need to add a small lamp out there so you can see the mist :-?

Also I was trying to get a photorealistic look but it never worked right. Its all blender 100% even the textures. Anyone have tips on making it look REAL. (I even BEVELED) :smiley:

(valarking) #4

Here’s an idea, maybe you should first make a outdoors area that can be seen through the windows. Next, add some more strange creatures about 20 feet away looking like they’re coming.

(harkyman) #5

Looking very good. A couple of things…

  1. Make the wall textures all look the same.
  2. Add a bump map to the floor to simulate floor boards. It doesn’t need to be much, but it would add to the realism.
  3. Add a reflection map (subtle, blurred) to both the floor (planar) and the blood.
  4. Fake some radiosity by putting a very low intensity green sphere light in the shadow behind the door.
  5. Photorealism tip: cut back the saturation on your colors, especially the character.

I only criticize this much because I care. I really do.

(S68) #6


harkyman is right.

I might add that poor one looks too small. Unless he’s a children, of course.


(pofo) #7

Ugh! what is this? A halloween picture without a basket of candy by the door?
:wink: Nice pic

(Zweistein) #8

very cool pic.

(Elsdon) #9

Well done and as always, great support from this group that, like me, never gets out.

My only question/suggestion concerns the light bulbs. if they are that bright wouldn’t they cast a great deal more light?

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