On the Haunt III (?)

(DreamMaster) #1

I’m willing to step in and be a host for this contest as I don’t want to see it dying. I’ll even be willing to donate some prizes (but if anyone is nice enough to donate theirs, I’ll be greatly appreciated).

Please vote to agree or disagree. Thank you!

Hope to see On the Haunt still alive…

(paradox) #2

I too would like to see on the haunt continue but if it doesn’t why don’t you just have your own halloween contest? Something like DreamMaster’s Halloween Challenge. As for prizes - we don’t need no stinking prizes, the fun and challenge of a Halloween contest is good enough for me. But seriously, prizes would be nice and I think someone mentioned he might contribute towards that but if no prizes still would be nice to have a contest. Maybe you could email orange and see if he would be interested in continuing the contest if you host it if not then maybe we all can create a new contest.
Just some thoughts.

(CubeFan973) #3


Eternal fame
Milleniums of fame
Centuries of fame
10 years of fame
1 day of fame
15 minutes of fame
2 minutes of fame
0 seconds of fame

Sorry, just had to point out that any contest has the prize of fame to those who win it.

Anyway: BLENDER ON THE HAUNT! HAUNT ON! Please let the contest go on!

(DreamMaster) #4

Does any of you guys have biofreak’s/orange’s email? I’ll email him, but i don’t have his address.

Thanks. I’ll try and keep it going!!! :slight_smile:

(hannibar) #5

[email protected] (?)

(DreamMaster) #6

k email sent. :slight_smile: All I have to do is wait…

I would like to hear more of you… I want to make sure that On The Haunt III will not go wasted… you know what I’m saying? :slight_smile: