On the Haunt seeks new management (or not).

Having not touched my copy of Blender since OTH3, I think it’s high time to let someone else handle the contest. Someone with more enthusiasm for Blender and the Blender community.

But I don’t want to see the contest just end, I would really like to see how high the number after “OTH” can get. So I’m looking for any interested parties who would like to helm the project for me this year. I will still help as best I can, and I’ll provide all the hosting necessary, but the rest of the contest will be in the new guy’s hands.

This project leader would have to helm and shape the contest in any manner they see fit, as long as they stick to the general ideas and concepts of past contests (i.e. don’t turn this into bathing beauty interactive breast-physics Halloween contest ;)).

Here is what I can provide for the contest:

  • 50MB of .NET or PHP hosting with FTP.
  • Microsoft SQL or mySQL database.
  • A home at aspyre.net/onthehaunt/ or onthehaunt.aspyre.net/.
  • Voting engine code (.NET only).
  • General HTML/CSS/.NET coding assistance.
  • General (2D) graphics assistance.
  • A prize.
  • Moral support. :smiley:

If you feel like you could handle this, just post a response here or email me at [email protected].

If you had already planned a competing Halloween contest, apply here as well. I just really want to see the “On the Haunt” name continue somehow. It doesn’t matter if the contest is different or whatnot.

If you think the contest isn’t really necessary or important this year (too many other contests, not enough community interest in more contests at this point, etc.) then say so. It would be pointless to keep it going if it’s not going to go very far. :slight_smile:


-Orange (sometimes known as various celebrities, dead and living)

.NET is that ASP of C# ?

not quite sure what you mean, but ASP.NET is a framework provided by M$, that allows you to create ASP pages with a tag library much like what was already provided by JSP (by Sun Microsystems). The tags call classes via a super-container (called a namespace) that are found in respective files (much like including in C). The code is then run (not sure if it is recompiled every time it is run, or if it is cached).

*DISCLAIMER: I don’t have in-depth knowledge of ASP.NET, and some information may be incomplete or even incorrect, so bear with me.

The active code in ASP could be written in VBScript or JScript (MS’s javascript-like language for ASP). ASP.NET can be written in VB and C# as well as a couple other languages, I believe. Hopefully that clears it up. If not, let me know and I’ll try again.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan ASP or ASP.NET (it makes me feel dirty, but that’s a different topic altogether), but I have worked in both before.

Yup, ASP.NET let’s you write web-apps in any .NET language. It’s also backwards compatible with ASP 3 so that you can still write your pages with JScript or VBScript.

so basically it just compiles it to ASP code that can be run by any ASP parser? or am I making a mis assumption here?

I just think the asp parser will actually be able to read all of the languages on its own.

It’s easy to understand:

.NET is a platform for running code and classes that are compiled to .NET MIL format.

On Windows there is a set of classes for .NET called Windows Forms that let you create UI stuff and handle UI events in a truly OOP environment.

ASP.NET is a set of classes for .NET and IIS that includes stuff like Web Forms for handling web page input and output, mimicking the behavior of desktop UI stuff, like state and events.

So it’s not “scripting,” it’s similar to full-blown desktop applications except that you aren’t creating UI environment on the screen, instead you are generating HTML elements etc.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who is willing to run the contest this year. Hopefully it will return next year. But if someone does want to get a Halloween contest up anytime this month, please remember I have all that prize money and hosting waiting. Just contact me at [email protected] and we’ll work things out.

Until then, OTH4 is on vacation this year. It’ll be back hopefully. :slight_smile:

I can try for ya . I sent you an email.


Maybe, this contest could be combined with the other contests in the Contest forum. Just an idea. Would take a lot of the load off of you (Orange). Plus things are all set up for this over there right?

I’ve seen quite a few people that wanted a longer duration contest than the speed modelling contest or the weekend challenges.
Maybe this would be just the ticket.

Here’s the previous 3 contest links, for anyone who needs to see how the previous contests looked like:




Hopefully, the contest will continue. Always seems to be lots of great entries.

The contest is on ! Hoo! Haw!

Cool. I only just looked at this thread after all this time, because from the title one would never know it was about a contest. Sounds very cool. I am one of the ones that would like to see longer contests, so thanks.

Yee Haw

Sounds great :smiley:

Year 1: 55 entries
Year 2: 96 entries
Year 3: 11 entries
Year 4: ??? entries

Maybe a new thread (sticky) that says something like:

Announcement : On the Haunt 4 (Halloween Contest) has begun.

would be in order.

youngbatcat: Just curious, what are your responsibilities for the contest?

Also, will the contest be at Elysiun’s Contest forum or at Orange’s web site?

I assume the rules will be spellt out also?
ie. only Blender? or external renderers like Yafray allowed?
has to be all new content, or anything you’ve started in the month of October, 2003?
Is output from python scripts like makeHuman allowed, or only if it is extensively modified?
etc., etc.

Any way, it’s nice to hear the contest is a go!

I am preparing a special brew!..er,…blend rather.

Ok this is my entry. I guess this falls into the ‘cute’ catagory. :wink:

:expressionless: Ok Orange has dissapeared. And the contest will go on into the Turkey realm.


So Post ! Winn stuff. ! Challenge meee ^v^ !!
weeeee turkeyyssssssss

I un-stickied this thread because it is no longer relevant (correct me if I’m wrong)