On the Haunt - Submit now before someone dies!!! :O

(orange) #1

The hosting died. It is the fifth casualty since I opened the On the Haunt page. I think the ghosts haven’t popped me off yet because they save things of little value till last.

Honestly, I am like a walking bad omen. Do not allow me near any projects or contests or websites you want running longer than a few days! I have never been so ~beeping~ mad and frustrated in my entire life! GRRRRR!

Anyway, on to the good news… :smiley:

The contest is back at http://aspyre.net/onthehaunt/ forever because of the untimely demise of our donated hosting. :slight_smile:

So, now that the scriptable hosting is officially dead, you all must submit to my nice little email address! Yay! So send your entries in 1024x768 JPEG to [[email protected] Check out http://displaycalibration.com/ first and get your monitor adjusted so all the images will have uniform brightness levels.

Being low tech is not bad, especially since I realized that it “just works!” Hooray! Finally something that hopefully won’t break or explode. And hurry, submit your images quickly before the entire planet bursts into flames as a result of the horrible dark luck that surrounds our little contest! :slight_smile:

(Jamesk) #2

Hey, sounds bad! And then, it sounds good!

Just one thang: You forgot to say that the image should be either 1024 px wide or 768 px high - or maybe sum up to 786432 px, no matter what the height and width. Because, I don’t wanna sound like a complete bastard or something, but I’ve got this really tall image, and there’s no way I’m going to change that. I stand proudly by my artistic freedom and integrity! YaaahiiiaaAAK! OK?! :smiley:

(orange) #3

Every year I re-enact my favorite stabbing scenes from spooky movies with someone… YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE THIS YEAR!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: j/k

Okay I meant 1024 pixels across the screen horizontally, and 768 pixels from the very top of your image to the very bottom. But… who cares? If you really have to have a long image make it whatever way you want. :smiley: It can’t be more than 1024 pixels wide though. And please please please don’t make it 903825908193850123985 pixels high, because I have to have mercy on what little bandwidth I have. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, your image will appear in the gallery as 800 pixels wide (but resized proportionally, of course) by default, with the larger version available for high-res viewing.

hehe Hope that helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jamesk) #4

I re-enact my favorite stabbing scenes from spooky movies with someone… YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE THIS YEAR!!!

:o I’m so happy! That makes me feel really special, bio! :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll rerender at 800 width, then! It will be mighty tall! O yea!

(S68) #5


orange :slight_smile: I tried to get in touch with you by e-mail many times lately…
to help with contest… did you received them?


(orange) #6

Yes, I got some… and some still have the little flags icons on them and I didn’t reply. Jeez I suck. But I did get the script! But… it won’t work on my host… but I think it’s a problem with my host. Not script. I had nice ASP hosting which I thought would solve all my problems. But that died so… :confused:

Don’t worry… we will survive…

/me bursts into Gloria Gaynor song…

It be 4:25 AM EST … me go sleepy… byebye

(S68) #7

Show Must Go On
Show Must Go On
Show Must Go On

/me switches to Queen


(Jamesk) #8

Another one bites the dust

/me switches to Queen and the soundtrack of my life =)

(orange) #9

/me guns down everyone and switches to carole king music…

no submissions yet!!! :open_mouth:

(Jamesk) #10

Hey! I just got back from work and I’m rerendering like crazy! Gimme a break you awful man! :slight_smile: I just noticed that my blender crashes if I try to render my pic with all textures packed… had to go back to a previous version and do a whole lot of changes… of course I could have unpacked… ack! Just keep your head in the mailbox - it’s coming your way…

(Timonides) #11

I have just submited my image… I hope I got in time…

Anyway I want to thank you again…



(Fort Max) #12

I just submitted my pic too.
Hope you like :smiley: (if it gets put up)

Hmmmm… I wonder when voting starts??