On the Hunt - Vampire Finished!


Well, as finished as I can be with it. Time to move on to something else.


Thanks to all who commented and made suggestions in the WIP forum. Also, a big thanks to @ndy for his inpout on the lighting set up for this final render.



As I stated before in the WIP thread, here is the blend file (2.5 MB) for you all. This blend file does not include any textures, lights or fur, as I added the fur on the posed model after I locked the pose.

Also, he is not posed in this file.

If you utilize this model for any purpose, please ensure you give me credit for modelling it. Please. :slight_smile:


that looks totally kick ass.

Totally agree. I loved following the wip and I’m happy it turned out this good. Well done BgDM, great work.

Are you gonna place him at your site soon?

Thanks guys!

Roger: Updated the first post with the blend file.


Great work! Glad to see this completed :slight_smile:

Thanks =KH=Lupus.

BTW, thread is now up at here at CG Talk

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sweet! it has a classic monster feel to it, well done.

jim ww

Oh, gorgeous !

Now even with the fur he doesn’t make me laught any longer, I rather hide than meet him in the street :wink:

Just a question : what are the yellow spots on the bats ? That part of the image looks a bit weird.


My only complant is that it’s a little difficult to see the details of the monster due to the lighting…and is there a slight blur there?

Damn good work though. (big surprise ;))

Looks like a screen grab from a movie.

i spend on this five min.

ohh, almost forgoten, the credits

Thanks to blender3d.org and a special gratefullness to BgDM!!
ohh, this image gaved me a terrific idea1!!1!!

Great job! I agree JDA, looks like something shot out of an old movie

i love it man, very frank frazetta like
the bats with the glowing eyes is a great effect
you got to bring this one out again in october, :< haaallllooooweeen :< , haha

Totally awesome. I just came from seeing “Batman Begins” :wink:

What a tremendous piece BgDM. There is such a sense of the ominous here, powerful, and wonder and anticipation of what might come next with the character in that pose. Great atmosphere, and the angle is brilliant.

I’d say your best work to date!


lol, hellbok, that is very funny!


Wonderful :slight_smile:


Yeah that is some pretty awesome modelling there :slight_smile: I just think you should spend a little more time modelling the roof of the church/spire/whatever - like modelling a tile and Shift-D over n over n over n … I think it needs a little depth and detail.

Otherwise great, been looking forward to seeing the final product :slight_smile:

I think that’s a big improvement over the WIP images… and they were great !

The colour variation and fur works really well. Definately lost all traces of werewolf-ness now. Is that a bit of glow effect I see ? Looks darn nice.