On the Hunt - Vampire Finished!

WOW! I take the family to Canada’s Wonderland, (a theme park for those who don’t know), and I come back to all these great comments. I am flattered.

Thanks all.

jimww: Thanks. I was hoping to portray that feeling. Glad it worked out.

Rore: Yes, the SPEC on the bats came out a bit weird. I think most of it happened in the post work, with the different blurs and colour corrections, etc., that I made. I just didn’t think to loo at that area and correct it back.

Gwendolan: Thanks.

dante: I see what you mean about the details. But I know they are there. :wink:

JDA: Thanks!

HellBok: LMAO! Vampire vs. Iron Giant. Kind of got the scale a litle messed up though. :wink:

Arowe: Thanks mate.

Wu: hehe, maybe I should enter it into the On the Haunt contest, if it comes back. :stuck_out_tongue:

NQE1: Thanks.

Robertt: Thanks for the great comment. That is what I was trying to portray with the pose. Though a bit static, I think it still represents what you said. My best work to date, maybe. But wait for the next one. Already in the planning and info gathering stage. :smiley:

S68: Thanks.

Claws: I agree about the seperate tiles on the steeple. I did do that for the dormer roofs there. And I think it shows there.

Rhysy 2: Thanks mate. And yes, there are actually 3 different glows added to that render in post work. Thanks to @ndy for a couplle of tips there.

Again, thanks all. I really appreciate the comments and all the support for my work.


This time, I could not say my opinion, much beautiful one and made also well.
Thanks for sharing.