On the Movie Set

I wanted to participate in the new WeeklyCG Challenge with the theme “On the movie set”. I came up with the idea of a transformer that’s moved by some people in Greensuits.
I’m pretty much finished with my entry now, so I would love some critique on it.

Here’s my render:

Characters, without background:

That looks fascinating. Never noticed the men until I read the passage.

Glad you like it :). Any critique?

It actually looks good!! the camera guy and the sparks does make it look grand scene however i have one problem with the set up …i mean it just looks a bit odd that three people can actually climb and stand on the robot but it only takes one person to lift the whole leg. Personally, i cannot decide , from the top three person it gives me the feeling that the robot is heavy and made out of metal …but from bottom it feels like it is made out of cardboard (regarding the weight distribution) .