On the road again...

Well, this is me again, seems like Blender needs support by these times.

Then here is my tribute modelled and rendered with blend’

::whistles:: wow, great bike

WOW, yet another nice render. Where’d you come from?!?!?!?!


That is a really sweet looking bike.
Pleaae dont tell me your new at this.
But if your new at this, man your pretty good.
Well compared to when i started. :stuck_out_tongue:


great detail, a bit aliased, maybe.

Stefano (Florence -> Chianti -> you know, wine :stuck_out_tongue: )

dude!whered you come from?thats sweet.
the detail is killer.


Looks great!
Some more views would be nice, too! :wink:

Another view? you can try this:
for the stars, just make a circle with 3 points, delete two of them, assign a halo texture with lines and place it where you want it to glow

kick ass bike, but if i were you, i’d render it in an external renderer - to add more realism and make it even more perfect :wink:


Damn… http://xavier.belmont.free.fr/bike_left.jpg didn’t work… :wink:

awesome!!! :o