On The Rocks

(acasto) #1

This is another idea I came up with in the last week. This and my previous pic (empty heart - lonelienss) were inspired by a recent breakup I went through. Although I can’t say it’s a good experience, I can say it’s nice to be able to blend ideas again :slight_smile:

I’m working on some additions, but my system can’t take much more of it. I’ll post the one with depth of field as soon as it finishes rendering. :wink: … okay, it finished and it makes you dizzy. So I’ll tweak somethings tommorow and give it another try.


(BgDM) #2

Nice job on the glass. Still think you shoul;d have chosen another beer type other than Bud! :wink:

Sorry to hear about the break up. Hope it isn’t a marriage break up. Those can get ugly.


(Nayman) #3

my best wishes that you will recover form the break up soon.

It is not easy, i know. BUt jsut take solace that yo uare aomng friends here, and we all love and support you

right guys? (and girls)

(bmax) #4

nice job. did you go to a pub to kill your feelings with alcohol? i dont mean to be sarcastic, sorry if it sounded that way. i hope you recover from the shock…
/me pats acasto on the shoulder

(acasto) #5

Actually, I didn’t do anything destructive. I actually changed my diet and got back in shape. It’s been two weeks so I’m better now. But to find out it was sort of over another guy, gives a source of anger to tap from ;).

I actually made this one because I want to start makeing more meaningful pictures, and put more emotion and personalization into my stuff. I feel I do a much better job when I have a reason for making it. Blender can be like therapy I guess :slight_smile:

(Hexa-dB) #6

Did you fake the caustics/refraction on the glass or render with an external renderer?
Just curious :slight_smile:

Nice work though, the wooden bar looks really good

(acasto) #7


Yeah, it’s fake :wink:

(roma) #8

That looks good

(bmax) #9

sorry if i sound like a FNG, but how did you fake the caustic? did you just put a lamp with a texture behind the glass? - im really curious… :smiley:

(bmax) #10

oh, yea, and the texture on the bar is stretched… :-?

(Haunted-House) #11

Looks really good but, those red bottles in the backround? They look a bit off. :-?

Blender can be like therapy I guess

I agree :slight_smile:

(acasto) #12

Actually, I don’t know how the caustics got there. I just keep adding and doing things until it starts to look right.

As for the bottles in the background, once you get so many sub-surfs in an image, then add transparency, you get to a point where you just say ‘heck with it’ ;). I know what you mean though, I really wanted to put lables on the bottles to make them look more detailed, but just gave up on it.

As for the texture being stretched on the bar, actually it’s not. I worked in a cabinet shop for quite a few years, and that’s a pretty typical look for many species of Oak, which is commonly used in those types of applications. They are known for the long running and well defined grain.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Ahhhh… I see what you mean about the red bottles. Actually, they are the handles on the tap, not bottles :wink: