on the subject of game LOD

i didn’t think this was important enough to go into the GE forums, so i posted it here.

i learned something new today. this may just be my computer, but try it out anyways.

so i’m working on my demo file, right? and i’m making the criss-cross pattern on the standing thingies, you know? just look at the pictures. anyways, i’m trying to save as many frames as possible, so instead of modeling out the pattern, i made an alpha texture. the problem that was incredibly annoying, when you get close to an alpha texture hole, the frames drop. so then i modeled out the pattern and checked the framerate at the exact same angle, and the exact same distance. i guess my conclusion is that it would make one nice LOD system, because the alpha texture is great from far away.

just thought it might be interesting to know.


Huh, that’s wierd. How is the framerate from a distance when you actually use the modelled structure though? Is it significantly better than using an alpha texture?

not by itself, it’s actually still faster, but then you combine it with the whole scene…it’s…about the same?:confused:…huh.

maybe i should try with more than one thingy hmm, all that got was that the alpha mapped ones do about 5 fps better in large quantities from farther away(not to mention that the alpha mapped ones had 4912 polies altogether, compared to 46,998 polies on the models). hope that helps, at least a little…