On the terrace

(janmorek) #1

Hi, guys, I want to share with you my latest work in Blender.
It is a commercial work for client, but this shots I rendered just for my pleasure.
I don´t specialize on modeling, some of the models I created by myself, but some I purchased. Twigs are made by Grove.
You sugestions and comments are welcomed, thanks :slight_smile:

(janmorek) #2

another shot

(smili) #3

Wow! Loving this!! Congrats! It would be nice to know about the lighting setup, but really solid images!

(poromaa) #4

Nice work. Think the night-scene should be darker. Maybe so dark that the light from the window and wall is the only think giving the rest light?
Anyway, good work.

(blenderd) #5

This is one of a handful of renders on blender artists that i could almost mistake for an image :slight_smile:

(marckiener) #6

wow! I almost thought this was a real picture. It would be great if you could share your lighting setup.

(janmorek) #7

Hi, thanks for your kind words. My lighting setup is pretty easy, just HDRI map and turn off ambient oclusion

(janmorek) #8

thanks for you sugestion, hope I will find some time for render it again

(janmorek) #9

thank you man ! :slight_smile:

(colkai) #10

Very nice work. :slight_smile:

(janmorek) #11

thank you :slight_smile:

(3DDH) #12

Great work. Details are the key! I really like your plants, good job :slight_smile:

(Dribusen) #13

Really nice work janmorek. One question…how you model the wall stone? it is so realistic.

(Mr.TobiasRieper) #14

Great job! Can you share any tips how to make those furniture?

(juanrav) #15

I like the renders :smiley:

(sisyphe2) #16

is the wall made with microdisplacement?

(claus82) #17

1 word: outstanding.

(usernew) #18

Brilliant! But the night scene doesn’t look like night scene. Turn down the environment lighting down. Check the gravel in the night scene around the lamp post. It looks like a mess, like mushy, but in the day scene, it looks amazing.

(janmorek) #19

Thak you very much, the greenery in the scene I created with Grove addon

(janmorek) #20

thank you, sorry for delayed respond I was very busy last week. Many people asked me about the way how I created a wall stone, so I decided to create a fast tutorial about it. I hope that it will ready next week, by then fast description :

  • I created a cube - unwrapped it- scaled it - subdivided it and used a 2 levels of displaced modifier.
  • material is basic stone PBR texture with random texture position (that is important)
  • Then I duplicated stones with ALT+D and spent some time with randomizing scale and rotation, after I put each stone in place

for more question don’t hesitate to ask me :slight_smile: