On the terrace

Hi, guys, I want to share with you my latest work in Blender.
It is a commercial work for client, but this shots I rendered just for my pleasure.
I don´t specialize on modeling, some of the models I created by myself, but some I purchased. Twigs are made by Grove.
You sugestions and comments are welcomed, thanks :slight_smile:

another shot

Wow! Loving this!! Congrats! It would be nice to know about the lighting setup, but really solid images!

Nice work. Think the night-scene should be darker. Maybe so dark that the light from the window and wall is the only think giving the rest light?
Anyway, good work.

This is one of a handful of renders on blender artists that i could almost mistake for an image :slight_smile:

wow! I almost thought this was a real picture. It would be great if you could share your lighting setup.

Hi, thanks for your kind words. My lighting setup is pretty easy, just HDRI map and turn off ambient oclusion

thanks for you sugestion, hope I will find some time for render it again

thank you man ! :slight_smile:

Very nice work. :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

Great work. Details are the key! I really like your plants, good job :slight_smile:

Really nice work janmorek. One question…how you model the wall stone? it is so realistic.

Great job! Can you share any tips how to make those furniture?

I like the renders :smiley:

is the wall made with microdisplacement?

1 word: outstanding.

Brilliant! But the night scene doesn’t look like night scene. Turn down the environment lighting down. Check the gravel in the night scene around the lamp post. It looks like a mess, like mushy, but in the day scene, it looks amazing.

Thak you very much, the greenery in the scene I created with Grove addon

thank you, sorry for delayed respond I was very busy last week. Many people asked me about the way how I created a wall stone, so I decided to create a fast tutorial about it. I hope that it will ready next week, by then fast description :

  • I created a cube - unwrapped it- scaled it - subdivided it and used a 2 levels of displaced modifier.
  • material is basic stone PBR texture with random texture position (that is important)
  • Then I duplicated stones with ALT+D and spent some time with randomizing scale and rotation, after I put each stone in place

for more question don’t hesitate to ask me :slight_smile: