On the topic of Software and Design - Design Idealism

I know there has been a lot off commotion about the new monochromatic icon design, which I’m really digging by the way. I think @jendrzych is doing a phenomenal job, and we should continue to support them in the ways we can.

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the youtuber Tantacrul, but he has been making some great videos about software and design, albeit focusing on music software. If you’re not a designer but are curious about the aspects and challenges developers designers face when making a productive end-user environment, I highly recommend checking out his vids.

Particularly the first one on Reason and the concept of Design Idealism

Keep up the great work everyone!

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As a professional software-designer myself, I can say that pragmatism probably counts for more than idealism in the design of any software tool. Sometimes you are forced to work within limits of the existing software … fortunately, Blender took the momentous step of discarding its entire historic user interface. But software design is still a series of compromises, ideas that did work, ideas that did not. You have to move the product forward, and you can’t please everyone.

The only place where I might fault the Blender team (and this is just my opinion) is when they “gratuitously remove” a feature that other projects might be counting on – stride in animation comes to mind – even though they have since dreamed up something that is arguably “much better.”

What happens then in real life is that customers start to “freeze” on this-version or that-version which continues to support the features they need in order to preserve their investments. For instance, even though Microsoft Corporation long ago “abandoned” Windows® XP, they still have to support it because many major clients (hospitals and such) can’t move forward from it. Now, Blender doesn’t have any such commercial licenses or contracts that it must deal with, as Microsoft does, but I wish that the designers would treat these things as a “social contract.” Don’t take stuff out of the product just because you don’t like them much anymore: “those old projects are still out there.”

It’s much easier when you have analog base to start on. :wink:

In 3D DCC app the challenge suddenly becomes the creation of Cosmos within the unified & constant flow…
Basically, mechanics, ratio and relationship rules (ie. ‘physical laws’) are the foundations - then any iteration (‘matter’) build upon can work, be adapted and evolved further as more and more complex demands arise.

Haha. Very true. What’s god’s interface for the universe look like?