on the tramp

hey guys,

here is my new image. i worked on it for the last few months.

it`s redered with cycles (2000), took about 30 hours (4K).

hope you like it.

full res here:


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WOW ! very nice job !!

That’s a beautiful image man, great work! :slight_smile:

Wow, beautiful image. So many wonderful little details too.

I love it, it’s perfect.

nice, love the colors and the contrast

great work, I like the textures and decor.

Looks superb! Is the bird also made in blender?

DUDE! This is incredible! Excellent job sir :smiley:

Now that is art. Astoundingly beautiful.

This a lovely image, great story! I love the house especially.

Personally, I think that this image is posted in the wrong subforum. Obviously, this image deserves to be in The Gallery.

This thing is: “so ridiculous, that it’s cute,” and, “so cute, that it’s ridiculous.” :yes:

I absolutely love artwork that makes terrific use of … absurdity.

If “a tortoise with a cabin on his back” was in the image by itself, it would be ROTFL. But when you add the bird, it adds another dimension.

And, of course, the technical execution of the image is amazing, “right down to the smoke.” A very well-controlled and believable exposure, including the not-sunlit side. Good color-balance, pollen in the air. It all fits. Definitely Gallery material.

This is perhaps the best CG image I’ve seen today. I couldn’t point out each and every aspect that makes this so beautiful and artistic. It all just blends well together. The attention to detail is so impressive! :slight_smile: - Reyn

This is just, an awesome execution. I would totally watch a 10 minutes video about the story behind this image. It has such a cinematic feel that is incredible. It is just pleasant to watch.

If you actually used the ivygenerator, oh boy, this is probably one of the few times that the leaves’ rotation didnt bother me at all.

Very beautiful with a good story. It should definitely be in the galleri.

Fantastic image. The textures, mood, there is absolutely no week spot… This is one of the best I’ve ever seen crested in Blender.

Amazing ! great job !

That is a great and well executed concept. Very worth the render time.

thanks a lot for all your kind words. i really appreciate your feedback.

everything in the image is 3D, also the bird.

i changed some details (for example the birds feet)…you can check out the new version here:

I think I can honestly say that this is one of the best 3D artwork I have ever seen. Not only is it perfectly executed in all aspects, but it also tells a great story, really put a smile on my face when I saw it. Bravo and thank you for this amazing work, should go straight to the Gallery :wink: