On track

Engines of this kind can be seen in Poland today, too. I rendered it with Blender Internal (light cones and specular) and didn’t use textures. Just different color materials on different faces.


Why “Blender Internal” ? What version of BLENDER are you using?

With the current version (2.83.4) you can choose between EEVEE and Cycles . . . or even other rendering engines.

Getting back to your rendering: :slightly_smiling_face:

  • it lacks shadows that would allow to better discern the different parts of the model (with EEVEE activate Ambiance Occlusion…)

  • still with EEVEE, activating Bloom would allow you to have a Glow effect on your headlights.

It’s 2.78 and BI has many possibilities such as SSS. And many not complex effects need complex, sometimes too complex, node tree. Still, I use Cycles every now and then as well, see my Letters work.


Directly from Matérial Properties or from the Shading tab:

. . . .No more complicated than 2.79… :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: