On what are you all working?

I’m curious what kind of games people are making with the Blender realtime engine. From some people I know it already - especially of those who are residents on #gameblender. I suppose there are many ppl working on 1st person shooters - and for my surprise: there are some making submarine games.
So? I am doing a (tabletop) riddle - but on what are you working out there?

rpg, wooooo… ok, u should start a real poll…

“how many people actually are gonna finish their game?”

the odds favoring “none” are staggering :wink:
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lol, yeah.

I’m already getting bored with my game :smiley:

Maybe i’ll have a small demo in time for the contest.


3rd person adventure, but with roleplaying elements (just to be awkward :wink: ).

anyones guess if i finish it though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe! That’s why I asked on what you’re working! Not what you’ve finished! :wink:

I think it’s the pretty same with everyone…

I guarantee all the people who are making RPG’s will never finish


That’s a good bet doogs:):slight_smile:

if blender could save and load games,i asure you i would be the first one to finish an rpg(cause i love rpgs).anyway,i won’t quit on the one i’m making right now(safari kid) that’s if i don’t get bored as someone said! :smiley:

First Person shooter :< what a surprise [!] [!]

role playing game. gonna finish it, have to, it’s driving me insane that it isn’t finished. :wink:

Dreamsgate:hey dreams,do you have any screenshot of that rpg? :smiley:

Im working on a sort of online animation. I loved watchin Ninjai, and thought it was very possible to do something like that with blender.
Only thing though is i wish blender’s realtime engine had built-in special effects and particles…i hate having to find a way to fake things, and when i do they usually slow down the processes.

Gargola: not yet, got all the stuff built, started wiring it up, ran into quite a few snags, deleted everything that wasn’t working and I’m currently starting over. I need to work on low poly modeling, at one point my blend file was almost 12 mbs.

Dreams: ok,cool.good luck girl! :smiley:



Don’t make everythin a competition doogs :stuck_out_tongue: %| :smiley:

Me? i´m working on a multi-player robot combat game with
armor classes, and special skills (for example: hopper class scout: jump, Scarab class defence tank: stun…)