Once a Blenderhead... always a Blenderhead!

(SysAdm) #1

Sucks about what happened… don’t know if NAN will make it out of this one… last time was a little scare… this seems like the real thing… pulling the website and all…

I really feel bad for the employees of NAN, but especially Ton… it must have been an incredible feeling to see where his idea went… the user base and the amount of passion that his software built is incredible…

I congratulate Ton on what he has accomplished and have done with Blender… it has intrigued me since I first found out about it way back when it came out for Linux… I remember getting a PC to run Linux to play around with it… I believe version 1.5 or something…

I’m glad to see sites like this where we can still communicate… maybe have “link” page where we can find ALL Blender forum sites or maybe even vote on a “NEW” central meeting/forum website…

I would hope all you Python guru’s (Dynamica, etc) will still carry on…

It really sucks about what happened, but I will always crack a smile when I get my creative juices flowing when I fire up a copy of Blender… ‘Blender- The Creative Juice Maker’

You guys/gals keep me in the loop on what you decide about a main FORUM/CHAT site… I like the idea about a daily or weekly email from someone to keep us all in touch…


(pofo) #2

Bart started a webring, look at the bottom of my page for links:


:slight_smile: pofo

(VelikM) #3

Thanks for the webring post pofo


(paradox) #4

Good to see you made it here Mike. I like this webring thingie. Lots of cool sites on it.