Once again showing up Blender SVN's terrain capability


Using a texture node setup for displacement that allows things like the appearence of large scale features plus a clouds displacement to peturb the terrain, this is once again to show that Blender is capable of terrains with a wide assortment of features, here you see plateaus, mountains, small flatter areas, canyon/deep valley like feature(s) (top half of the image), large lakes, large scale rises, and a lake in a pit in the back.

Nodes are used to get the materials in their proper place on the terrain, now all we need is condition based partical emission for instancing objects and who would need Vue or Terragen anymore for most things:cool:

looks the same as all the others you did

Here’s 2 more done with a revamped terrain material and the same displacement texture

Notice how the terrain displacement texture is not only scalable, but is capable of a wide variety of features as well and plenty of lake possibilities when using a water plane, if you wish I could upload a .blend containing the terrain node material and the texture node setup for the displacement texture.

Gotta say they’re all pretty damn good. Show’s just how powerful our beloved program, and beloved resident dragon can be ^_^. It is certainly very scalable, with some tweaks to materials and some nice moody lighting that could make quite a scene.

~ Ed

Actually this kind of terrain generation is impossible with 2.48a, you need an SVN build with texture nodes to do this kind of work. Also check my other thread on a texture node setup that allows for hyper large scale planet textures or heightmaps, procedural textures have almost no limit with texture nodes.

But yes, Blender is getting quite powerful in various areas, like the texturing department.