Once again...

Ever since version 2.63a newer versions of blender refuse to start up for me. All of my earlier versions seem to run just fine even off a usb stick with no problems.
With the latest releases when I try to run them I get a “run time error” from C++ and blender just quits on me. I have tried the .zip download (which I normally use) as well as the 7-zip files and (errr scary) the installer .Exe. All of my other versions of blender run just fine. I am I doing something wrong? I really don’t know… At least I don’t need a barber at the moment as I am pulling out my own hair!
Any sugestions? I have no clue… .
I use windows XP home sp2 on a pentium 4 with plenty of memory. I just don’t understand the reason for this strange behavior, it is not making sense to me.
So, if any of you logical folks would like to help me out, I would appreciate it!

Thanx, pix