once its open....

(Nayman) #1

once the source is open, is 2.25 going to be available to all, i could some boolean tools.

(ilac) #2

2.25 publisher is to be released when the number of members at the foundation reaches 250, which should be well before the 100k is reached and therefore the source released.

Speaking of which, [email protected], why not add a counter to the member listing?


(kevin3d) #3

Can I still become a foundation member after the 100K mark has been reached? I’ve been trying to use paypal to donate & can’t get it to work. I’m afraid that the 100K mark will be reached before I can join.

(xitnalta) #4

Just sign up as a member now. Because what you promise now is calculated into the 100k sum, I am sure you’ll be a foundation member even if you pay “after” these 100k Euros. And remember: when the MoneyMeter is at 100’000 Euros, there may still be the “pending” and “intent” amounts, which have to be paid before the 100k limit really is reached.


(kevin3d) #5

Thanks, Felix