Once Tristram

I’ve been working on this image off and on for quite some time now. It was originally supposed to be Tristram out of Diablo II. It ended up something more peaceful. So, I’m gonna say that it’s a pre-apocalypse Tristram. :smiley:

Anyway, I know there’s some things I can improve, but I’ve gotten bored with it. If there’s something you can recommend that is fairly easy, I’ll consider editing it. For now, though, I can say it’s complete.

Tree is courtesy of the Gen3 tree generator python script.



Excellent trees and great job with the tufts of grass coming out of the ground and crawling up on the house and pole. The shingles on the house look great and so does the cage…but since the house itself is the focal point, I think there should be a little more detailing in it. I would suggest maybe broken boards and cracked or chipped pieces of wood along with maybe a dimly lit latern inside or something. Just to give you some ideas! Overall great work!

Thanks for the compliments. I was thinking of something to put in the house, but never came up with anything that really fit. Maybe a worn bookshelf? I’ll think about it.

Thanks again.