One and only idea

Cycles, 15000 samples, almost 24h of rendering, photoshop. Rate, comment and enjoy. What do you like? What would you like me to change?

Light bulb from
Idea from: my sick mind :wink:

i like your concept and its a very pretty rendering!
i would like to have the shards a bit more glass-like. but it is really an profound storry told, by crushing the void ideas for the big one! ^^

Thanks. I was afraid that no one is going to understand what i mean. Shards aren’t transparent so much because these light bulbs are exacly “compact fluorescent lamps”.

no, i think you expressed your idea in a good and relativ direct way, i think actually alot people understand it!^^
yes, but even these bulbs are not comlete untransperent(for realism). but maybe that is your purpose, maybe this untransperence encourages your notion!? :slight_smile:

ah, and one thing, 15000 samples??? wth! that is alot! you can easyly turn it down to 1000 and twitch clamp direct and clamp indirect to maybe 7 and 3 in the render panel! and disable reflectiv caustics and refractive caustics! i dont know what a machine you have, but you could downsize your rendertimes by far! more than 2000 samples does minor difference.
one question, did you add the volumetric particles with photoshop?

I’ve been using clamping for quite a long time, but I forgot about it :stuck_out_tongue: I also didn’t want to turn down reflective and refractive caustics, because I wanted volumetric rays bounce of water surface (very subtle, but visible). And yes, I added particles in PS, you wouldn’t like to see how it looked as a raw render.