One Bevel node for multiple materials?

I am new to blender and dont know, if it is possible to use one Node (bevel) for multiple Materials, so, if I change the bevel parameters, it changes the bevel on different materials simultaniously. I can see only the material from the active object, so I cant connect the “master-bevel node” to all materials.

Thanks in advance

Put it into a node group and remove the inputs. Edits to a single instance of the node group will be replicated across all of them.

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Depending on how you use the node with normal data; bevel is fed into bump consequently, or bump/normal is fed into bevel consequently, you might want to expose the normal socket. However, if nothing is connected in one material, this can produce garbled data. So insert a dummy bump node that doesn’t do anything between normal input socket and bevel normal input. I have no idea why it works.

Thank you, it works!