One can dream

I know the head is not of Elephant’s Dream quality but I think it does nicely.

I set out doing this earlier today without a concrete goal in mind other then a tilted head and a background. It just kind of came together when it was time.

Skin was done with using a mixture of nodes and ramp shaders. I’ve never done skin before, but I have seen examples of it. The node part was mixing the same material with one copy being manipulated with a vector curve and mixed and set to add.

not badd.good for a change.:smiley:

great improvements here kansas.

i find the colours very garish though. uncomplementary and over-saturated. perhaps you could try picking out the main colour palette you want to use in GIMP or photoshop, and try and introduce these values into your drawing to get some better colour harmony happening.

you could also try desaturating totally, setting to multiply (in photoshop, not sure what the equivalent is in GIMP) and painting colours in by hand in a layer underneath