One-Click PBR Addon Not Working

I purchased, downloaded the One-Click PBR addon and the accompanying 3000 textures. I Then created a master texture file, unzipped each texture folder, and extracted all the blend files so to have 3000 or so blend files in that master texture file. I installed the addon in my K-Cycles-X build of Blender 3.0 and selected the master folder and target folder to be used for the addon. The addon does not find the master file folder. In addition, I have to reselect the folders every time I restart blender.

Hi Kurasdan,

I haven’t tried this addon / asset library but it seems the addon itself is used for creating an asset library for materials. You then use Blender 3 asset browser to view/choose/use them. The instructions in his official thread might help:

Cheers and stay safe!

Hi Kurasdan, developer here.

These 3000 assets are ready to use in Blender. You don’t have to do anything with the add-on to use them. Just put these .blend files in our asset directory and that’s it!

The add-on is there in case you want to create an even bigger library.

Please check out the promo video to see how to use the library.

If it works, please edit the title of the this thread to add “[SOLVED]”. Thank you!

BTW, thanks for the feedback. Indeed the paths are being reset if you restart the add-on. The expected use case of the add-on is pretty simple and a “one time thing”. So I deliberately made it to reset itself when restarting Blender. Maybe in the future, listening to more user feedback, I will make a change about such things. Thank again!