One-Click PBR Thread | +3000 PBR materials release | Only for $19

Hey guys what’s up

A while ago I broke the news in a previous thread and today I am releasing the first renders of the catalogue. Or should I say, all the renders?

So basically I developed a python script that cleverly walks through multiple folder structures and creates PBR materials inside Blender if any suitable set of textures are discovered.

These materials are then catalogued as assets and appropriately distributed into multiple .blend files for space and memory convenience. In other words, one can easily generate a huge material library with just one click!

Then I was like, I am gonna write another piece of code that will render all those materials in a continous loop. It took full 24 hours to render this approx 16 minutes of giant catalogue. Well, link to the video below.

I am going to release the library together with the tools in a soon future for a reasonable price. There is still some work to do.

Please like & subscribe if you want to support me. Also in the future I plan to make tutorials and content alike. Maybe a patreon page also. You see, I really wanna get into the business.

Let me know what you think!


Hi there!

The library and the add-on is out! Yaaayy! Plot twist: I ended up adding 2000 more materials to the library with a consistent 4K resolution. Interested?

Check out the promo video, where I explain everything in good details. Feel free to contact me if you guys have any questions. I am so excited to share this finally!

If you want to purchase, head over the gumroad page:

I hope you guys like it.

Youtube promo video — back story, add-on tutorial, library overview and more:


this might be a meaningless or misguided statement, but a lot of times I see these material balls rendered as thumbnails, and I find something about it not useful because the scale is wrong (i think maybe the fabric material balls are a couple of good examples).

What would you say about a tag in the naming convention that the script would split and read as the appropriate tiling for the material ball, so that as people save out their own materials they can tag them with certain pieces of information that will help them display in a sample later and make for more efficient “as-would-be-used-in-practice” views of the materials?

I am considering to update the add-on by adding an “advanced options” button. When the user clicks that button, more options will be revealed and they can customize their material spheres etc.

However, I am sceptical at the same time, because I want to keep this add-on as simple as possible. It does one job and it does it well.

Though I will more than happy to listen to more feedback from you. Thanks for your comment!

I left a comment on Blender Nation but that seems to have been deleted! I’m asking why it doesn’t work in the latest Blender 3 Alpha download? I’ve added the path to the downloaded blend files and nothing shows up. If I point the addon to a parent directory (with materials in folders) and the taget to an empty folder it tells me that ‘no materials were found’. I have noticed that the catagories don’t show up, on the left panel, so does blender not support AM yet or have I missed something?

p.s. I tried the latest Alpha and 1 from Aug 20th and Aug 1st.

Hi, thanks for your purchase!

If you downloaded the .blend files and unzipped them, you don’t really need to use the add-on to see that library. The add-on was used to literally create that library, so no more work is needed. The add-on is there in case you want to create even more materials, given that you have the textures.

If you want to use the library, just put them in your default Blender Assets directory, or specify a custom directory in the prefences and then choose it in the asset browser. Check out this moment in my video to see what I mean:

It is actually a super easy add-on that creates materials from textures, plus a ready-to-use library alongside that add-on. It is so simple that it mislead people to think that it should be more complex than it is :innocent: :innocent:

Let me know if you have any questions! I will be glad to help.

Hi Bloyd,

I guess what I’m asking is does Belnder 3 alpha fully support it’s own asset browser or will it not work until the official release in Oct/Nov? Am I downloading the wrong version, maybe? I downloaded 3 Alpha today and when I open the AB window, the left side grey pane is empty. I also cant right click over an item in the outliner and add it as an asset. I feel as though the issue is something local to me as no one else is having an issue. I did goto prefs and add the library path but nothing happens.

Hi there,

I think I understand the problem, I had the similar “panel” missing problem during my development.

Do this:
Are you using Windows? If so go to this directory: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\BLENDERVERSION

You will find a few directories with all the previously installed Blender versions. Just delete the 3.0 directory, just wipe it out. Different 3.0 version specific configs must have messed up your Blender instance. You will probably never run into such problems once we have the stable release.

Now try this version. This is the august 12 build, upon which I build the add-on. However, let me note again that this is an asset-browser issue, not related to the add-on per se:

Since you have deleted the 3.0 directory, Blender will open up and ask you if you want previous settings from 2.93, for example. Don’t import nothing, let Blender 3.0 open up fresh and nicely. Just go to your preferences, make sure you have an extra tab called “experimental”, and turn on “Extra Asset Browser Features” there. I believe then, it should all work.

Let me know!

Edit: to answer your doubts regarding the asset browser in these alpha builds: The developers are actually building the asset browser from ground up. It might actually be the case that in some builds the asset browser will actually not work. But despair not, simply the do the steps above and it should work. I don’t have time these days, so I could not experiment with the versions you mentioned, but I believe, as long as you wipe out the 3.0 cache directory and restart Blender anew, everything should work as expected. Why am I so sure? Becuse even when developers build an existing feature from ground up, all the published alpha versions must include more or less working copies. Because even when they code something that breaks the asset browser, the automatic tests fail and the automatic alpha builds use a previously working version… You see what I mean?

Wow, thatnk you for the reply. I tried the download link and when I extract it there’s no blender.exe (or anything else that seem exacutable) in the folder. I tried the Alpha from the 12th Aug and after clearing the 3.0 folder, I now get a left side panel that only shows ‘pose mode’. I think I’m just going to have to wait for the official release of Blender 3. Thank you for the help, very much appreciated.

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OMG so sorry, I sent you the link for Linux :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: my bad.

So you removed the 3.0 folder, and something has worked. That’s good. Could I also take a look at the “experimental” tab in the Blender’s preferences, and tick “Asset Browser Features” there? That might bring back the full side panel of AB.

As I said, the most recent alpha’s should work. Just give it one more try by removing the 3.0 folder and testing for both August 12 versions and most recent versions. Looks like you know how to download alpha versions very well, so I won’t send you a link becuase this time I am afraid I am gonna send you a MacOS link or something :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My suggestion, give it one more try, alphas are a little capricious but it should finally work. You will appreciate the work once you start playing with 3000 materials, I promise.

More than anything, I can’t wait to see the renders from the community using this library!

Fantastic, it worked. I downloaded a few versions of the Alpha and none had the experimental tab showing. A quick google and I found you need to tick ‘developer extras’ in the interface section then up it pops. Very chuffed to get it working and I just can’t stop dropping material into the scene :slight_smile: Excellent addon, great value and fab service. Thank you, Sir.

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No, thank youuuuu for your comments and interest!

Good research, thanks for the information. :+1:

You know, this is my first add-on and first ever product I released.

Once it was done, I had this same feeling, just can’t stop dropping material after material to the defult cube and puking rainbows.

And before releasing it, I was in a great doubt, thinking whether anybody would ever buy this. And now I am so surprised and happy that people like it too!

I am always here to help, I would also like to hear any add-on ideas or tutorial requests from y’all. cheers!