One Day Blender Workshop: 10 7-11 year olds and 1 adult

Hi -

I’ve just put on line the results of a


As you can probably tell, the participants were given a rigged character that they could sculpt, comb and animate. We were using Blender 2.46 on a pure:dyne live memory stick.


It’s awesome that kids so young are being introduced to Blender!

Great work!

…ditto…checked out quite a few…very cool…you the music director ?

I wish we had something like that. Having someone whom is a proffesional that I could ask questions would really help me progress in Blender 10x faster than I am now. I’m still trying to find tutorials to solve my problems which I think I have and now I’m attempting to fix my retardation with curves and bevob and bevtap. If I had an instructor it would be so much easier. You guys are lucky. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I am the music director as well… that is I made this tune for one of my personal cartoons, and it seemed to fit the footage from the workshop quite well.

I’m the guy who lead the workshop - not one of the participants, and it’s a one off… though we hope to repeat it. As you can see it took a lot of preparation.

I’d love to be able to put together a whole course in learning Blender of which this is the first lesson, but that’s another story.