One Day

A quick render I made the other day

It looks nice but if it’s rendered in Cycles maybe you should up the samples to get rid of the grain. If it was blender render do some compositing with blur to get rid of the grain.

Thank you for the tip, I shall smite these grains.

Done and done, anything else I should add?

Very nice use of colours and atmosphere. If you’re looking for suggestions, I’d recommend adding a bit more contrast on the character, so as to catch the eye a little better. Otherwise good, I like the style.

Looking good. Keep it up.

any better?

Much better. The character doesn’t blend into the background as much. Again, good work all over.

thank you for the support

Looking really great now good work.

Wow cool stuff. I love the backgroud. Is it a picture or is it modelled geometry?. Got a wireframe?
just one advice if possible : I would crank up the overall contrast a bit to make the image more punchy.

I increased the contrast a tad

And here is the wireframe, I rendered it, I could have done a print screen, but it was messy, the background is a subdivided displaced mesh, the only reason I didn’t include the wireframe of that was, again, the messiness.

Thx for the reply and congrats! Nice ambiance.