One empty push another

Hello all,

Dispite my lack of persistence, I now know how I want to apply techniques to my scenes.

What I don’t know and would like to answered (please! :wink: ):

How can I push (automatically after rigged)objects, for example; one empty pushes another empty, out of the way?

Im sure it can be done, but how?

Thanks in advance!

One way is to make a single particle particle system. Then an empty with a force field can push the particle around. Mass, Drag and Damping play a role in this kind of setup.


26_empty_pushes_single_particle.blend (86.7 KB)

Yeah, today I thought about force fields as well.
Will try your blend. Thanks!

In some circumstances the Limit Distance (Clamp Region: Outside) constraint might work. If you raise distance and lower influence you get a bit smoother results than the default.