One Eyed Monster Gang

this is a member of the One Eyed Monster Gang that i have been working on recently,
based on one of the awesome concepts from creaturebox. Now i´m looking forward to do another member of the gang when i find some time.
Sculpted and rendered in Blender - Hope you like it!


There is also a little animation i made to see him moving:

great work, while I think it would be much better if there are more details.

Hahaha, great! I also agree that perhaps more high frequency details would add, but… who am I to say when something is finished or not. Congrats!

PD: Nice sss shader by the way!

I really like it! You captured the concept very nicely :smiley:
I don’t think that it would need more detail but I would have worked a bit more on the hands and feet … make the shape and silhouette more interesting like in the concept. Right now they look too straight so it would really help the overall look of the pose :wink:

Really nice modelling, looks pretty funny, good shaders, but I would spend some more time on the teethtexture/shader.

Thanks everybody! Glad you like it, and i appreciate your feedback.

I updated my post with a new modified render.

@foxrender and diegoCristofano - thank you, i added a little more details on the skin. Not sure if that is what you meant with more detail?

@Julien Kaspar - Vielen Dank! I like your sculptings very much, so it´s nice to read your positive feedback on this one.
You were right regarding the hands and feet, i changed them and it´s looking better now :slight_smile:

@1504Bram - thanks, appreciate it. I worked a little more on those teeth, made them look more like bad teeth as is suitable for a monster.

what a great reproduction and some seriously awesome sculpting skills! love it! I can’t wait to follow your work:) Almost forgot, I love the texture painting as well, really bang on.

Thank you! Glad you like it :slight_smile:
I started the next guy already, but it will take some time to finish i guess.

I guess you have updated the top image. It’s great man!

Yes, i did. Added some details :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Wow, nice job :slight_smile: