One frame per second?

I am doing some AI programming for a game team. I have one low poly ship and a bounding box in a blend. The game steps at about one frame per second.

I didn’t originally make this blend, someone on the team did.

Does anyone know why it is stepping like this?


EDIT: It works fine from my default setup when I append the models. I would really like to get to the root of the problem though. (I uploaded the working one as well)


Ship21.blend (218 KB)Ship21_FromMyDefault.blend (209 KB)

I was confused why it wasn’t working at first, then I enabled all frames, and it went up to 60. I realized the frame rate was actually SET to 1 fps. In the world tab, I changed the fps and physics stuff to the default when you make a new file. That’s why when you imported it it worked, because the settings were back to the defaults.


Ship21.blend (218 KB)


I knew that it was set to one…I just couldn’t remember where you set it back to 60!

I really appreciate it!