one giant ground texture

How much will it harm the framerate to have 1 full gound texture 8192x8192, the view is a 3rd person up camera and the map is its own size, not very small, not very big, but would like to have some effects (map controlling) in it, and i have not found an other way, so, when the game is actually finished, will it harm a lot? Lets say there will be a bunch of other texture maps in the size of 512x512 and 256x256.

Scene will have arround 110.00 faces in total.

Dont have much to give you at this point, its just in the case someone have used this sized kind of textures and have a bad, normal or good experience.

Best regards! Hope for an answer! :smiley:

use splat maps to blend multiple textures together and use tiling - that is how the AAA games even do it.

(use vertex color map in a node texture to mix 3 textures using RGB) this way each tiles vertex color can be unique*

Performance will vary a lot depending on the players graphics card. It may run fine on high end cards but not at all on older or integrated graphics cards.

As blueprintrandom said, there are many ways to make a small texture do the work of a larger one so that might be a better idea unless you want to exclude half your potential players before the game is made.

jajaja, my dream was crushed jajaja, thanks a lot, i keep on working on the texture map a bit longer, photoshop here, blender there, until i get a tile that actually looked good when i scaled the UV map.

Posting the Texture map here, is a 72 dpi 512x512 px. Anyone free to use it as they please if you like it. I could make it 300 dpi´s if some is intrested in a better res.

Postin it here, it tiles pretty pretty good with a 512x512 to a large map, the largest you want jaja.

Not actually a very qualified node user :frowning: (wish i was), thats why i put head into the texture it self and tried to fix it, took me a while.

That’s a nice texture but I think you could optimise it a lot to use with nodes. For one thing a 128x128 section of that texture, propery tiled would look almost the same as the 512x512 version… also most of the color information is green only. Sdfgeoff posted some good examples in the resources section about how to get the most from textures like this.

You need this ->
forum thread ->

Thanks! That helped a lot, i have one more question… sorry bothering so much. Is there a way to have a non visual texture, that only shows in the terrain (overlaping the original texture) in a radius style? like, i have grass, and when i place a object in the ground, a radios of X dimension will affect the original grass and turn it into a frozen ground?

Maybe this can help:

you are like Mr. Resourcefull. The Yadoob shader seems to do the trick, going to try it! Thanks a lot!