One giant image in a thread and the whole page disappears?

I have a problem with the page disappearing in a thread where someone posted a giant hubble telescope image. When the page finishes loading the whole thing except the post with the image disappears, no posts, no header, no nothing. I also had this problem with the second page in the “Me and my airship” thread quite a few weeks ago and it seems to work now.

Sometimes I can keep the page if I refresh and hold the arrow bar but not often.

Anyone else have this problem?

I haven’t had any problems with large images. What browser are you using?

I’m using Internet Explorer, I also have Firefox on my machine but I don’t use it much.

Why in the world not?!:eek: I still have IE on my computer but its icon has been renamed “The other browser whose name we do not speak.”

I have my address bar at the top established in IE
I have my internet accounts all logged in in IE
IE supports every Active X control there is including the Blender web player.