One hotkey to toggle X Y Z axis constraint


I am searching for a volunteer developer to create a (free) Blender add-on.

The add-on would toggle the X, Y, Z axis constraint by pressing a single hotkey (instead of three different keys, as it is currently). Pressing the same key successively would switch the axis constraint from X to Y to Z to X to Y

I know that it’s possible to change the constraint axis on the fly with Middle Mouse Button + moving to the desired direction, but I still would like to be able to use one key to switch the axis from X to Y, then from Y to Z, then from Z to X, then from X to Y, etc… (endless loop).

Currently: pressing once on the Z axis (for example) enables the constraint on this axis. Pressing one more time on this key disables the constraint.

For this add-on to work properly, there needs to be a way to disable the constraint (because pressing again and again on this key would loop axes). I suggest ESC (ideally, this hotkey would be customizable in the add-on settings).

Thank you.