One last question.

This should be one of my last question before I release some info on my game and post a demo.

How can I keep a player position between scenes? for instance if I want to make a player touch something then go to a “special level” then come back where he went in at, but where he went in at could be anywhere because the thing to get to the special level is moving. Thanks.

This setup is based on static doors, but I think you could probably alter it to apply to a moving object.

I don’t exactly know if that is the answer i’m looking for. It may answer it but I don’t know. What i’m looking for is not to have doors but to make it where at any random time during the game I can switch scenes and switch scenes back and show up in the place where i left, not where the default start is. Thanks, though I will be using that.

it’s a bit off topic but don’t you have some memory leak problem with you scene swapping ?
@ace24 I think you should store the character coordinate in an object properties like an empty linked to the character for every scene you are trying to switch and use some python to store it before you change scene.
is not very dificult to do so.

Do a search for global variable and store the location that way, for everything that you need to maintain.