One last thank you before I leave

To everyone who has read through my other topics, you may already know about what you are reading. But for those who don’t here’s the run down, I’m graduating in a couple days which means I will no longer have access to Blender 3D :slightly_frowning_face: software nor Blender Artists :anguished: because I will be returning my school laptop. These forums were incredibly helpful when I was confused, needed inspiration, and motivation. The likes I received and reaching the 500+ views on both an unfinished game and a soon to be finished game were both very influential on my progress. Even if the numbers may not mean a lot to others, to me they meant that people are genuinely interested in what I’m trying to do and that is something I never thought would happen. But you all proved me wrong.

I would like to personally thank @Raiderium, @Cotaks, @BluePrintRandom, and @Gnrl_Azr. These individuals (among others) helped me in terms of motivation, ideas, critiques, and often went above and beyond what I expected. If it weren’t for their and everyone else motivation, I may have not enjoyed being here as much as I did and I may not have felt the as good about the my Metroid Prime style game and my Marble Mayhem game. I truly appreciate all of the support, love, and attention I was given while I was here. l wish everyone a good time. I will release what was done for my Metroid game tomorrow here and on it’s respected topic. You can also expect the .exe file for Marble Mayhem tomorrow as well.

When I leave tomorrow, know that I will return some day, and with that return will be the revival of a game inspired by Metroid :grinning:. I bid you all, fare well. :relieved::heartpulse::wave:

~Sacren Drake


So sad :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Why not get a cheap PC for less than 300$.

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I do not have a job yet (working on it). And my parents aren’t likely going to support something like this. I will eventually buy my own pc, but that will most likely be a long time from now.

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I really wish the best luck. :slight_smile:

However do not let “finding a job” and “have supporting parents” become a limiting factor to your artwork. Many people I knew quit 3D right away because they would not find their jobs or their dream jobs.

The point is that you won’t get hurt switching 3-4 jobs up until you become 25-30. However you must find jobs that do not suck dry your energy levels, therefore you will keep having energy and motivation to continue practicing until you become relatively good and have a good amount of portfolio samples to show.

And also keep in mind that when you are going to chase the “dream job” you will have to be at a state of being able to cram huge amounts of content rather than having only a few things overworked and out of context. As for example if you spend 10 days making a medieval barnyard it might look cool and awesome technically but in a sense is too boring. However building various template things and forming entire medieval village is something that might still look boring, but at least it has a huge potential for becoming useful and valued higher as an asset, not by a WYSIWYG image.


The full game and blend file is finished, but due to some upload/ download issues and security concerns, the link has removed. A new one will be put up in some time. again thanks for your understanding.
thank you all!

The game looks great! Good luck!

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Thanks glad to know the link worked :smile:. If anyone is wondering how I’m repyling to this, I’m using my Tv. It’s like using a Wii internet browser. This took five minutes to to type lol.

Hello I realize that this link might not be working due to a few emails saying that you are requesting access to the folder Marble Mayhem (1). I do not know if you are trying to edit it’s contents or just download it. Please let me know if you are able to download the files to your computer. If you are trying to edit my files or open them directly I urge you to not. Try to download them first, if you are still not able to download the contents of the game’s folder, let me know. My friend says he will bring his laptop later so we can try to figure this out but if we can’t I’m terribly sorry but that will be it. Thank you for your cooperation.

You can even run Blender on raspberry pi which costs 40 euros. From there on you need a mouse and keyboard which’s are cheap and a TV or existing monitor with hdmi input which are very common.

I didn’t download it.

May fortune smile upon you and you return soon