One little question

Hi :smiley: .How can i make a camera Not go through walls.

Make it an actor.

Jason Lin

Cant be any more simple than that :expressionless: .Thanks Jason :smiley: .

Well actually there’s an another way to do that. Mmmhh where did I put that file… lol too much files, ctrl + F, camera wall fix. :stuck_out_tongue: Ooh here it is. :smiley:

Hey , thats realy cool JD-multi :smiley: .Thanks :smiley: .

JD-multi–that’s a great setup. Would you mind if I used it for my next game?

Well your allowed. The source is part of the Blended Reality Backup network. It’s created by someone else, don’t know who. I think you are allowed to use it otherwise he didn’t make it downloadable. :smiley:

Cool, thanks. I’ve been beating my brains out trying to get a camera to work like that.