One Man Army FPS - Help Wanted *New Screenshots*

So I’m brand new to this site, so first I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Great site!

…Anywho I just began working on a new FPS. right now I am using Social’s FPS Template and random gogle images as textures. I’ve already learned a bunch about Blender and using all the controllers and stuff. I don’t nearly know everything but I have a good basic idea. I’ve also learned a lil python.

I Need Help! Anyone who wants to help lemme know

So about the game.
Name: One Man Army (Just Random. Needed an name for now)
Team So Far: Vice(me), MinceMeat, JewStyleKungFu, and -Tom-

Story: You wake up after being frozen and enter a world which has been nearly destroyed. You know nothing except how to breathe walk shoot (the basics). As you get thru the game you find out more about what happened and you learn who you are and what happened to you. More to come haha

So Far The Game Has:
-Basic Beginning Room
-Title/Menu/Game/Death/Pause (Scenes) [Pause + PlayAgain Screens Not Finished]
-Overhead Game Bar (like doom’s botton bar)
-Gun + Bullet + all animations with those
-Menus w/ buttons

Developmental Site:

Here Are Some Pics:

The rest are direct links

Top Bar -
GameOver Blood -
Control Screen -
Ingame -
MainMenu -

Oh yeah… almost forgot, I have Photoshop so I’ve also messed with some of the images and things.

Please Comment also and lemme know what you think =]

you’ve what? Can you post some more info?

…Anywho I just began working on a new FPS. right now I am using Social’s FPS Template and random gogle images as textures.

Yeah there you go. Sorry about that before. The screen refreshed while I was writing it.

  • _LsBlend OMG thanks so much =]] that really helpss

nice screens! Anything I can do to help?

Well really anything.
I really want to begin working on enemies.
rigging and walk animations have been really tough for me.
anything will help

  • _LsBlend OMG thanks so much =]] that really helpss

you’re welcome :slight_smile:
you have to be careful about grabbing images off of google, you could run into copyright issues and stuff like that =P

Yeah _LsBlend I know. They are just temporary. My brother (Music major, Mainly copyright) gave me a nice lecture about that haha

Haha, that was nice of him. :rolleyes:

Graphics look nice, can’t wait to play it :wink:

Can’t wait to finish it haha
need help tho

Looking for:
Animation ppl

Anything we can get.
Help Needed, Team Wanted

This looks a LOT like doom, a really really old game.

Yeah thats was I was going for, but a newer like furturistic version haha.

and dont forget about

most is pay stuff, but you can nab lots of free stuff to from textures to people to assets.

i use it alot when i dont want to do my own stuff

Looks Good.

Maybe if you added a hand to hold the gun it would look a bit better.

Also the texture on the wall is turning corners, which doesn’t really look realistic…

I added you to my thread (check my signature [need something to do])

Your game rocks!!! man i love this type of game AND i dont see any critisizers:D

Thank You EVERYONE!! Sorry I didn’t respond, I just got back from a 3 day camping trip. But now I’m back and very excited to see many new post and lots of msgs and people wanting to help.

Thanks for the site, this will be super helpful for models and such.

Thank you for the tips and adding me to the thread =]]

Also if anyone would like the download link,
I’ll throw it up there =]
Just Ask

Dude wanna add some coolness to that HUD? all ya do is ask DOOM!!..thats me:D

Hahaha alright man.
Again Thanks Everyone for checking out the post
and leaving some comments.
Hopefulyl we’ll have a few new screens to post in a lil while.