one material changing into another on one face

i have two meshes: slope with grass and road and now i have:
on road dirt
on slope grass

but i see a sharp border between textures (materials)

i want to grass slightly changing into dirt on one face between edges

i may join both meshes into one if its necessary, or any other idea how to do this

i see texture painting tutorial where somebody made dirt road on meadow but i try to find simplier way (if exists)

i try to put materials on edges or vertex but it doesnt work (after joining meshes and put both materials to it)

Hi Ponury

Im not an expert on textures but if you joined the meshes together you could use a colourband ramp with alpha values to change between the two textures. Good luck maybe someone else has more ideas.

a pic is worth 1000 words can you show some

may be there is another solution?


You want to use a stencil. Jonathan Williamson just put up a video tutorialabout that very thing. Of course, he’s using a person with varying skin color, but the principle is the same.