one material, multiple shaders test

lately I found a post on about a yugioh scene, and since I liked the game since I was little I recommended the guy to make the cards holographic, but because I couldn’t wait I decided to make it my self, because I wanted to try the new Cycles materials using the nodes (yes, this is the first time that I use the material nodes in cycles, actually in blender in general XD), basically what I did is that I added the rainbow-shine to the picture and the golden effect to the name and actually I’m really happy with the results, so I decided to post it in here so u guys could tell me what is good/ bad about it and what I should change
so here is the picture:

also I wanted to compare the real life card with the TV show style card and here is the result (basically I just changed the picture and flipped the card :P):

hope you guys give some feedback :smiley:

hmm… no replies, I’ll take that as good :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the gold letters look shiny, but I couldn’t even tell that the picture on the card is holographic unless you were to tell me and even then I might call you a liar.

lol, well there is a green shine :stuck_out_tongue:
but u can go to this link:
and download it and see for yourself