One mesh or many?

I’ve been using time-lapses to study the techniques of other artists, and I’ve seen sculptors of great skill split into two general categories and was wondering why the two methods existed.

Group A tends to use a single mesh with dyntopo to form the entire sculpture. One example of this workflow is found in this video.

Group B on the other hand, tends to add separate meshes to the collection/layer and sculpt them around the other mesh as seen in this video.

I was wondering why an artist would opt for one method or the other, and whether there was a middle ground - i.e. adding additional meshes as a component of the existing mesh.

Dyntopo is longer in the mixer and blocking out of one mesh makes more sense with it. It also fits more with a traditional way of working like with clay. So I think traditional artists prefer that. Blocking out with different basic forms has been useful since the Voxel-Remsher is in blender. For experienced 3d artist, this is a faster workflow that reminds me of metaballs, but they are more limited in an overall modeling workflow. Anyway, 1000 ways lead to Rome. Maybe you can find a much better way.

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