One model request

Hey all, I have but one asset that I can’t make myself (and not for a lack of trying, merely because I’m not quite as good at making environments and objects as I am with characters and objects). Basically what I need is a camcorder model that can be used for a realtime first-person game (see reference images below for type).

I currently have no means of paying for services, which is why I haven’t purchased one of those high-quality Turbosquid models.


  • Model should be no more than no less than 1000 tris and no more than 4000 tris (it will mostly up close to the player’s view)
  • Model should have a screen flap as a separate object, with a dual-purpose hinge (so that it can be folded open and shut) and twist (so that the screen can be twisted to face in or out, as shown in the second reference image)
  • Model should have a hand strap
  • Please no big-name brands (e.g. Sony, Canon, etc.) because the last thing I want is to run into copyright issues with them, so if you’re going to brand it at all please use one of your own design

I guess that’s all for requirements, so here’s some optional things that would be nice to save on work time, but are not necessarily required on your part. Repeat; these are purely optional:

  • A basic rig that can be used to pose the screen and handstrap
  • Textures. The game’s art style aims for realism, so if you don’t have the time or don’t want to do it for any reason, don’t feel obligated to, as it is something that we can take care of if need be.

At this point unfortunately I can’t pay you for your work, so if you take this up feel free to stick your own brand on it (or if you have a brand design and want me to add it when texturing I can do that as well), because I am asking a lot for free and the least I can do is promote you a bit :wink:
If you have any questions about the project or the camcorder please don’t be shy to ask; I don’t bite.

Daniel “TheWalshinator” Walsh


I will PM you.