One Month iOS Project! Boink! Need Artists!

“Boink!: The Puzzle Game With A Heart” is a small iOS project and is in need of character, environmental, and texture artists (Or just one artist who can do all three). The game is a very simple block dropping game where the player has to avoid blocks dropping out from the sky. The project is mostly coded and we need these aforementioned art assets:


  1. Boyfriend
  2. Girlfriend
  3. Ex-Girlfriend


  1. Blocks and Block Textures.
  2. Grass.
  3. Trees.
  4. Skybox

That’s all and our game is done. Our hope is to get the game completed by the first week of June. Of course, this all depends on you and whether can find someone to help us undertake this project. The project already consists of a programmer and an animator (who feels like he’s been waiting for far too long! give him something to do guys!) so all we need is someone to jump with the art and we’re good to go.

PM me for details im interested

Sounds interesting…

Is this paid? My portfolio -

Hey guys. Still looking!

I am a character modeler available for work -
Is this paid position?

Eh… Is this still open?
I make nice models if I can have access to nice modelsheets