One Month Modeling Rigging/Animating Rendering Post-Processing

Join us for one month in August 2013. coming up soon. travel funds supplement this honorarium so don’t let the distance scare you off. must travel to houston texas.

We have fellows coming to Houston TX USA to design new manufacturing hardware and we need a Blender artist to learn about the equipment they are building/designing and then do modeling/rigging/animation/rendering and post-processing of visualizations of these technologies.

A high-end rendering workstation (GTX Titan or better) will be available for the selected artist to utilize temporarily during the month for working smoothly with the latest Blender Cycles rendering engine. We are open to suggestions in computer hardware. We have a $5k budget for the rendering workstation.

Fellow selected for this role will need to present his/her work at our final presentation redux which will be broadcast on the internet.

Final schematics and renderings and original blender files will be released as non-commercial creative commons.

One month Fellowship is scheduled for $4k USD taxable for the month + up to $1k reimbursed for travel. Must be legally allowed to work in USA. Inquire for more details.

How does one apply?