Okay, here’s one more from the week…it’s def a WIP! There are more counter items, etc., first off.

But any crits so far? Thanks, as always :slight_smile:

ps - the black areas in most of my scenes are necessary, as it’s the sylization of the project. this particular model is to be used for ‘matte’ work, over live performers (the girls working at the counter)…

SO, here’s a good question: anyone have any experience with video-filtering, to make a live shot resemble blender? (as opposed to the other way around) that’s my next big project…after modeling, texturing, animation and compositing…lol :rolleyes:


I am not sure how you want your live-shots to resemble CG scene. But if you have the time, take a look at the intro movie or a trailer for Need For Speed Most Wanted or Carbon, EA implemented a rather stylized system that blends live actor with CG background.

PS: if you are dong compositing work, just remember that using black as a background bask is a really bad idea since you might accidentally erase some of the shadows. Instead, use a bright green/blue color…

mpan3 - i hear you about that.

i wasn’t very clear…it’s not an alpha thing (if that’s what you mean), it’s a photoshop thing, as the mattes are not moving or camera tracked (the camera is stationary in each shot, most of the time).

The background to the actual shooting studio is black, and the 3d model becomes a 2d overlay in aftereffects

BUT…I would like to (and need to) learn more about greenscreen compositing, so if you have any good links re: that…PLEASE post them :slight_smile: