one more newbie!

Hello, my name is Bruno and i’m enrolled in a Computer Engineering course, in college. It’s the last of a 3year course.

So, this semester i have this class called “Graphic Computation” and i just got introduced to Blender. I have no background on anything related to design or whatsoever.

As i said, yesterday i started learning to work with Blender at home, and i loved it. After learning some basics, shortcuts and stuff, i followed this tutorial ( which i guess you’re familiar with, and created my first blender animation, the yellow submarine.

Really liked the way Blender let’s you create whatever you want, and after doing some reading and seeing a lot of videos on youtube and stuff, i got enthusiastic about learning more.

Already did some researching, and i was thinking about doing this tuts here:
Do you think it’s a nice way to start?

I have to make an animation for this class, the delivery will be 2 weeks from now, and basically i have to create a narrator (human or human like) and animate a small lesson about one of the renewable resources (still trying to figure out which will be the better to do with Blender). Anyway, i certainly will like to know more and more after it’s finished.

Now, i run into a doubt while following the tutorial, hope you could figured it out:
While pressing ctrl+alt+0 to align the camera to the current perspective, the camera indeed moved, but not as i was expecting. Too much zoom in, not centered, etc, sometimes even in the other side of the object (which was places on 0,0,0) and i always had to move it on the axis to keep it decently aligned. Is this behavior normal?
Oh, and don’t know why, although i fitted my object on camera (i mean, on the rectangle - camera mode), after it’s rendered the animation shows a lot more than it was supposed to, according to the camera margins. Any idea?

Thank you!!!

You might want to read a tutorial called ‘‘blender noob to pro’’

I’m not exactly sure what problem you are having with the camera,can you post the .blend file?

You can press F to freely move the camera with mouse look while looking through it, and move it around using wasd and rf (for up and down)

You can adjust the cameras focal length (zoom) on the camera properties panel while the camera object is selected. And use the render panel to choose the size and proportionsof the image in the render settings panel

Hope that helps but your question wasn’t very clear :confused:

I actually know what you’re talking about and have had the same thing happen. I don’t know why it happens though. After I move the camera, I just switch into top view (7 on the num pad) and move the camera back to the position I want. It’s weird though and doesn’t happen all the time. There must be some minor thing that we are missing that causes this behavior.

i’m now following that tutorial, sounds and looks nice. already in page 200! thank you

you mean SWITCH + F? learned it yesterday, it’s a nice, but doesn’t seem too accurate, or maybe i’m not used to pilot airplanes yet haha

that’s right, i just messed with camera options on the right panel (in fact, i think the only thing i did was changing the lens to orthographic, and then to perspective again) and it magically start working! but now i reloaded the file and i can’t get it to work again.

thank you all for your time!

i still did not understand the purpose of the perspective view, when i switch from orthographic on my submarine file, the viewport starts getting all messed up, even the axis! that doesn’t happen when i switch between views on the opening cube. i can’t attach the blender file, it gives me “The following errors occurred: yelowsub.blend: Upload of file failed.”