One more time (radiosity)

(DAK) #1

I decided to toy with blenders strange radiosity system. I still can’t get it to display textures right. I remember reading you run the solution, then hit replace mesh, then hit free data. Next you make the material texture single after going through a crazy hassle of re-seperating everything, add a wood texture, and a light and render and it should work. But all I ever see is the radiosity solution. I just can’t figure out this silly system.

(ray_theway) #2

You would probably benefit from using dotblend’s method of assigning textures using empties before running the radiosity solution.

Go down a bit to find a mini-tut on this method. Also, on what to do at the end of a solution, I would recommend pressing “Add New Meshes” and then “Free Radio Data.” This creates a new mesh for the “radioed” solution, so if something gets messed up, you can fall back to the pre-radiosity state. Make sure to move the new mesh to a different layer from your first mesh. (The “Replace Meshes” button deletes your original meshes and replaces them with the radio-ed meshes. This is good if your short on vertices, but not if you made a mistake). Additionally, you technically don’t need a light if all the items you’re rendering are included in the radiosity solution. You do still need it, though, if you have some separate objects.

(DAK) #3

Do you not need to seperate meshes to texture them? I have been trying other radiosity engines for 3d progarms and I must say blender’s is the worst i’ve seen. I just do not get all this wishy washy hassle.