One nation under God?

I for one am hoping that the (United States) Supreme Court wil uphold the 9th Circuit’s ruling. Religion has no place in government and the phrase “under god” does create pro-christian pressure as I can tell from personal experience*.

The article breifly mentions the fact that the phrase was not part of the pledge originally but was added in 1954 unnder pressure from the strongly Christian Knights of Columbus, Eisenhower’s exact words were “From this day forward, the millions of our schoolchildren will daily proclaim in every city and town, every village and rural schoolhouse, the dedication of our nation and our people to the Almighty — a patriotic oath and a public prayer.” So to claim that they aren’t that religious, just something that happens to mention God is foolhardy.

(Just F.Y.I, I am an agnostic 13 year old living north of Dallas, TX)

*Kids in my school learned of my Agnosticism when I was discussing Gay Rights (I supported them, which already made me a pariah in my strongly christian school). One way they attacked my beliefs was by saying the “under god” phrase louder when the pledge was recited. The funny thing is they never cared when they thought I was just another Indian Hindu


A bit late aren’t we? This whole thing started more than…like a year ago.

BTW, there was a huge debate on it at one time or another in this forum. IMAO, it’s not worth dredging up again.


i say leave it in! i dont think we should change it, it doesnt effect me. u can go ahead and visit modrons satan thread

I brought it up because the Supreme Court hearing on it is the 24th and I couldn’t find a topic on it from when the 9th circuit ruled on it.

To say it doesn’t affect you is like saying it didn’t make any difference when Bush used god in his rally cries. The fewer references to religion in government and by government officials, the better. We’re not a nation under god. We’re a nation fractionalized into different religions and the lack thereof. The majority isn’t the total.

It’s actually not that old, and i believe the under god part was a yet more recent addition. personally, i find it quite pretentious.

shbaz: To say it doesnt effect you in THIS case doesnt make a damn difference.

The thing I hate the most about living in the US is the fact that EVERYONE insists that EVERYONE is right. Which simply cannot be.

Go ahead. Ask me how it is that I can be right when I would say such a thing.

Let’s face it. Some things are fact and some things are opinion. It’d be wise for people to make up their minds instead of dick around and avoid making any major decisions.

History class makes me hate America :frowning:


It interesting how christians want it in and athesists want it out. Hmmm…

not really


It’s interesting how people that know nothing about a certain subject always act like smart-ass know-it-all’s on the given subject.

Examplis Gratis - a newspaper in Estonia, “Postimees”, holds an online poll every day on it’s website and publishes the results the next day. Pretty damn shocking. Someone in parliament proposed re-introducing death penalties (death penalties were lost in '93 I think, during the legal reforms after breaking away from the Soviet Union). Anywho, although Parliament (almost unanymously) voted no, it turns out that 94% of Estonians are wise enough to judge whether a man deserves to live or not. Scared the crap out of me.

…so does my english. damn.